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Ioannis Keppleri Harmonices mundi libri v ... Appendix habet comparationem huius operis cum Harmonices C1. Ptolemaei libro III. cumque Roberti de Fluctibus, dicti. 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Wilson, held at the University of Illinois in October, 1982 Recherches sur la pr?cession des equinoxes, et sur la nutation de l'axe de la terre, dans le syst?me newtonien Dialogo di Galileo Galilei Linceo matematico sopraordinario dello studio di Pisa. E filosofo, e matematico primario del serenissimo gr. duca di Toscana. Doue ne i congressi di quattro giornate si discorre sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo Istoria e dimostrazioni intorno alle macchie solari e loro accidenti comprese in tre lettere Recherches sur differens points importans du syst?me du monde. Theoria motus corporum coelestium in sectionibus conicis solem ambientium Astronomiae instauratae progymnasmata : quorum haec prima pars de restitutione motuum solis et lunae stellarumque inerrantium tractat, et praetere? de admirand? nova stella anno 1572 exort? luculenter agit Observational and theoretical aspects of relativistic astrophysics and cosmology : proceedings of the international course held at Santander, Spain, September 3-7, 1984 International air traffic control : management of the world's airspace Accretion power in astrophysics Plasma astrophysics. 1 : nonthermal processes in diffuse magnetized plasmas Under Newton's shadow : astronomical practices in the seventeenth century Advances in nuclear astrophysics Mathematical astronomy in Copernicus's De revolutionibus Physical processes in comets, stars, and active galaxies : proceedings of a workshop, held at Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee, May 26-27, 1986 13th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics : Chicago, Illinois, USA, December 14-19, 1986 Cosmology and particle physics : proceedings of the XVII GIFT International Seminar on Theoretical Physics, 2-7 June 1986, Pe??scola, Castello?n, Spain Fundamental astronomy T'ung shu : the ancient Chinese almanac The seven day circle : the history and meaning of the week The seven day circle : the history and meaning of the week Proceedings of the Second Canadian Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics : May 14-16, 1987, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada Supernova remnants and the interstellar medium : proceedings of the 101st Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union held in Penticton, British Columbia, June 8-12 1987 Quantum cosmology Starbursts and galaxy evolution The relativity of wrong Einstein plus two X-ray emission from clusters of galaxies Supernova 1987A in the Large Magellanic Cloud : proceedings of the Fourth George Mason Astrophysics Workshop held at the George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, 12-14 October 1987 High energy astrophysics : supernovae, remnants, active galaxies, cosmology Manuscripta Astronomica Physics of neutron stars and black holes : proceedings of the International Symposium on the Physics of Neutron Stars and Black Holes, 1-3 February 1988 Tokyo, Japan Universe : an evolutionary approach to astronomy Jordani Bruni Nolani opera latine conscripta Cosmic strings : the current status : proceedings of the Yale Cosmic String Workshop : Yale University, May 6-7, 1988 Foundations of Big Bang cosmology : reflections by a group of physicists and philosophers from the universities of Barcelona and Paris on the basic assumptions underlying contemporary cosmology Sidereus nuncius : a reproduction of the copy in the British Library Evolutionary phenomena in galaxies Schr?dinger centenary surveys in physics : proceedings of the Refresher Course in Theoretical Physics : November 11-19, 1987, Indore, India The evolution of relativity The extraterrestrial life debate, 1750-1900 : the idea of a plurality of worlds from Kant to Lowell Time, science, and society in China and the West Gravity's lens : views of the new cosmology Emergency preparedness for nuclear-powered satellites : Stockholm, Sweden, 24-26 April 1989 : report of an Ad Hoc Meeting ABC of relativity Deep space telecommunications systems engineering Cosmogenesis : the growth of order in the universe Theory of transonic astrophysical flows Black holes and the universe Physics and astrophysics from a lunar base : first NASA workshop, Stanford, CA, 1989 Solar astrophysics Supernovae : the Tenth Santa Cruz Workshop in Astronomy and Astrophysics, July 9 to 21, 1989, Lick Observatory High-energy astrophysics in the 21st century, Taos, NM, 1990 Theologica ; 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Geburtstag Nicolaus Copernicus, 1473-1973 : das Bild vom Kosmos u. d. Copernican. Revolution in d. gesellschaftl. u. geistigen Auseinandersetzgn. Studien zum Copernicus-Jahr 1973 The Copernican revolution : planetary astronomy in the development of Western thought Early Greek astronomy to Aristotle A history of astronomy A survey of the Almagest Nicolas Copernic et son ?poque Discoveries and opinions of Galileo A short history of astronomy : from earliest times through the nineteenth century The Copernican achievement The gradual acceptance of the Copernican theory of the universe On the revolutions of the heavenly spheres Mysterium Cosmographicum de Stella Nova Astronomiae pars optica Astronomia Nova Kleinere Schriften, 1602-1611 ; Doptrice Harmonice Mundi Epitome Astronomiae Copernicanae Briefe, 1590-1599 Campanus of Novara and medieval planetary theory; theorica planetarum Correspondence and papers of Edmond Halley, preceded by an unpublished memoir of his life by one of his contemporaries and the '?loge' by D'Ortous de Mairan Kepler's Somnium; the dream, or posthumous work on lunar astronomy An account of the astronomical discoveries of Kepler; a reprinting of the 1804 text Le livre du ciel et du monde Kepler's Conversation with Galileo's Sidereal messenger Sidereus nuncius magna, longeque admirabilia spectacula pandens, suspiciendaque proponens unicuique, praesertim vero? philosophis, atq. astronomis, quae ? Galileo Galileo patritio Florentino Patauini gymnasij publico mathematico perspicilli nuper Nicolaus Copernicus : an essay on his life and work Galilei und sein kampf f?r die copernicanische Lehre. The astronomical revolution : Copernicus, Kepler, Borelli The world of Copernicus Galileo's intellectual revolution The equatorie of the planetis Clocks and the cosmos : time in Western life and thought Telescopes, tides, and tactics : a Galilean dialogue about the Starry messenger and systems of the world Cartography in the traditional East and Southeast Asian societies Le petit prince Astronomy Space 2030 : exploring the future of space applications Stephen Hawking Space 2030 : tackling society's challenges X-ray astronomy in the EXOSAT era : proceedings of the XVIII ESLAB Symposium, held in The Hague, the Netherlands, 5-9 November 1984 Astrophysics of cosmic rays Gamma-ray astronomy Particle astrophysics : the NASA cosmic ray program for the 1990s and beyond, Greenbelt, MD 1989 Astrophysics from the moon : Annapolis, Maryland, 1990 Relativity in celestial mechanics and astrometry : high precision dynamical theories and observational verifications : proceedings of the 114th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Leningrad, USSR, May 28-31, 1985 Jupiter : studies of the interior, atmosphere, magnetosphere and satellites After the first three minutes : the story of our universe Understanding the universe : from quarks to the cosmos Mars : uncovering the secrets of the red planet 



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